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Project Publications

Millings, M., Burke, L., Annison, H., Carr, N., Robinson, G. and Surridge, E. (2023) 'A necessary but painful journey: Experiences of unification in a probation service region' Probation Journal


Below are some relevant publications from earlier work, which includes findings from a previous ESRC-funded project that explored the implementation of Transforming Rehabilitation.  


Previous Publications

Robinson, G. (2021) ‘Rehabilitating Probation: Strategies for re-legitimation after policy failure’ Howard Journal of Crime and Justice 60, 2: 151-66. ​

Carr, N. and Robinson, G. (2021) ‘A legitimate business? Representations of privatised probation in England and Wales’ Crime, Media, Culture 17, 2: 235-54.​

Millings, M., Burke, L. and Robinson, G. (2019) ‘Lost in Transition? The personal and professional challenges for probation leaders engaged in delivering public sector reform’ Probation Journal 66, 1: 60-76.​

​Annison, H. (2019) ‘Transforming rehabilitation as 'policy disaster': unbalanced policy-making and probation reform’ Probation Journal,  66, 1: 43-59.​​

Burke, L., Millings, M. and Robinson, G. (2017) ‘Probation migration(s): Examining occupational culture in a turbulent field’ Criminology and Criminal Justice 17, 2: 192-208.​

Robinson, G., Burke, L. and Millings, M. (2017) ‘Probation, privatisation and legitimacy’ Howard Journal of Crime and Justice 56, 2: 137-157. ​

Robinson, G., Burke, L. and Millings, M. (2016) ‘Criminal Justice Identities in Transition: The Case of Devolved Probation Services in England and Wales’ British Journal of Criminology 56, 1: 161-178.